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The Daily Doodle-Do! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter;

a puppet show production by Kiera and Gabriella

About: Read or listen to The Tale of Peter Rabbit, create puppets, a set, and props by using paper, crayons or markers and produce your own puppet show! Then turn the story into a playable DoodleMatic game!

Connections to Literacy: While spending time at home we feel it's essential for kids to continue reading. We know that kids learn better when they are part of the action. Breaking a story down into elements such as the setting, main character, story problem -which includes goals and obstacles significantly increases children's reading comprehension. Taking it one step further, kids will be able to re-tell the story by creating and playing their own DoodleMatic game.

Digital Pen Pals: Being away from their friends can be very difficult for kids. While play dates are not an option, DoodleMatic can be an amazing digital Pen Pal platform. With a parent's help, kids can send playable game links to family and friends outside of their home.

Activity Sequence:

1. Read or listen to The Tale of Peter Rabbit

2. Create puppets and props needed to put on your show (see materials below).

3. Set the stage, and let the show begin.

4. Create a DoodleMatic game using the characters and elements in the story.

1. Read The Tale of Peter Rabbit:

-Here is our recording,

2. Create your Puppet Show!


- paper or cardstock

- crayons/markers

- popsicle sticks, pencils, tree branches etc (any kind of stick to hold up your puppet)

- tape

-how to draw animals book (optional - but gave us an additional great art lesson about shape and form!)

Materials: Note to Parents- you can set your children up with the materials below and let them explore. While we always recommend parental supervision, your children will be able to enjoy working through these activities independently!

How to:

1. Draw your characters and props on paper or cardstock

2. Color them in

3. Carefully cut them out (ask a parent for help if needed!)

4. Carefully tape a popsicle stick (or stick) to the back of each one.


Peter's House - the fir tree

Mr. McGregor's garden

Mr. McGregor's tool shed


Wheel barrow

Character list:

Peter Rabbit

Mrs. Rabbit

3 sisters- Mopsy, Flopsy and Cottontail

Mr. McGregor

Sparrows (birds)



Prop list:



green beans

watering can

Peter's jacket


3. Perform!

Gather up an audience of your family or favorite toys. Use your puppets to act out the Tale of Peter Rabbit!

NOTE: Parents- record your child's performance to share with their friends and family members! It is sure to brighten their day!

3. Create a Video Game of the story

Materials: You can use the DoodleMatic Kit or:

- white paper

- markers (black, green, blue, red, & purple)

- the DoodleMatic App*

Drawing your Game:

1. Draw the setting in black- this is where the story takes place. Some parts you could include: Peter's house, the garden, the Tool shed. Consider turning gravity off to make a maze type of game.

2. Draw your avatar in Green- this is the main character -Peter

3. Draw the goals in Blue- what Peter wants in the story -Fruit and veggies from the garden -a safe place to hide, -back home!

4. Draw the hazard in red- this is the villain or problem- Mr. McGregor!

5. You can also use purple to draw objects to move around your game -maybe the birds!

Uploading your Game:

1. In the DoodleMatic App* click create and take a picture of your game. Test your game!

2. You can edit your game by resizing, moving and removing parts of your game.

3. You can enhance your game with power ups! Make objects, rotate, or your bean stalk grow, play and explore!

*NOTE: You can make 2 trial games with the free download- if you want to continue to making games with the app we recommend that you purchase our box kit ($29.99). The DoodleMatic Box kit allows the user to make 1000 games and comes with 2 interactive books that teach game design, helping kids through the creative problem solving process. The app can also be bought as an in-app purchase for $34, but we recommend the books!).

Share your Game:

Beat your game and share with friends! Ask a parent to help you. In the game over screen click share and you will get a link that your parents can email or text to family and friends. They can play your game on their web browser!

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