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The Race is On!

Create fun race cars out of recycled materials you have at home and a balloon! Experiment with different designs and structures to build your racer. Then draw your designs to create the ultimate DoodleMatic Car Race Game!

video coming soon!

Building your balloon car:


-A toilet paper roll or small cardboard box (like a mac and cheese box)

-2 unsharpened pencils

- thin cardboard (cereal or baking mix boxes work great!)



-sharpened pencil

-kid friendly scissors


-hole puncher


-stickers (optional for decorating)

-circular objects to trace for wheels or template (below)

-template for car window

Car Templates: Use the templates below to make and cut out your wheels and driver window (this also holds your balloon!)

1. Click the download Template button above for the PDF.

2. Cut out the templates and use them to trace the wheel sizes and center axle holes on cardboard (we used empty cereal boxes for ease of cutting).

3. Cut out your wheels, window and balloon slot. Then decorate your wheels and draw in your driver.

4. Slide the pencils through the holes on the sides of body of the car (cardboard tube).

5. Slide your wheels onto the ends of your pencils (axles). You can use tape to help secure the wheels to the axles.

6. Fold back the darts on the window area and use a long piece of tape to secure it to your tube (see video for details).

Further Exploration: Try a different size wheel! Experiment with different size wheels, do the front and wheels need to be the same size? Change the size of your wheels and try your car again.

1. How did the size of the wheel effect how far your are went?

2. How did the size of the wheel effect your car's speed?

3. Does the car work better if the front and back wheels are the same size? Why or why not?

Create a DoodleMatic Race Car Game!

You can create your very own racing game in DoodleMatic to test out these same ideas! Use markers and the templates below to design your cars and race track. You can also challenge a friend or sibling to create a car and see which design wins!

Learn How!

Watch Tech Ed Doodle Dad show you how to create a DoodleMatic Race Car game!

video coming soon!

Creating your cars:

1. Use the templates below to help you create perfect circles for your wheels. Cut out and carefully paste one green wheel and one purple wheel into one of the boxes below.

2. Then use the purple marker to draw your car around the wheels. While drawing be sure to connect your car to the purple wheel wells (semi circles).

NOTE: You can also draw the wheels and wheel well free hand, but it will be a bumpier ride!

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