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  • Do I need the DoodleMatic Starter Kit to use the app?
    No, The app can also be purchased through the Android and Apple App Stores. However we highly recommend the starter kit. The guide books included in the box kit add an incredible educational value that offer new challenges, ways to create and play and layers of progression that are not available through the app alone.
  • What are the system requirements to run the DoodleMatic App?
    The DoodleMatic App works on: 1. iOS 8.0 version or above 2. Android 6.0 or higher 3. 5 mega pixel camera or better 4. Internet connection required
  • How many devices can I put the home version of DoodleMatic on?
    The number of games unlocked with your DoodleMatic purchase can be used on 1 device or split up onto 2 devices a primary and secondary. Option 1: unlock app and 1,000 games on a single device. Option 2: unlock app on 2 Devices -Device #1 will have the ability to create 900 games -Decice #2 will have the ability to create 100 games
  • Does the DoodleMatic Starter Kit come with a device?
    No, the DoodleMatic Box kit does not come with a device.
  • Do I need to be an Educator to use the Education Edition?
    Yes, upon registering we will confirm your account through a school assigned email account.
  • What happens if I use all 1,000 games? "
    You can use an in-app purchase to buy one of the following options. 100 Games for $.99 650 Games for $4.99 1500 Games for $9.99
  • What is the recommeded age range for DoodleMatic?
    DoodleMatic is listed as 6+ with help, 10+ I got this! 6-10 year olds may need help taking the photos and reading through the guide books. 10 and up enjoy working independently. Although it can start at a young age it is not limmited to younger kids interests. Older kids also enjoy the ability to make and play games with their friends. It it is also a great Adult party game!
  • In what Countries is DoodleMatic available now?
    DoodleMatic is currently available in the US and Canadian App stores. Stay in touch for exciting news on our international launches by joining our news letter!
  • Do I need to use the DoodleMatic markers and paper?
    No! One of the exciting things about DoodleMatic's technology is that anything the correct colors will work! Try some of these exciting ways to level up your game: 1. Decorate a cake by creating a game leveling using green, black, blue, red and purple icing or candy, snap a picture in the app, then you can have your game and eat it too! 2. Use small blocks or toys on a white background. 3. Try Stickers or foam shapes from craft stores.
  • I'm a teacher can I try DoodleMatic Education Edition before I buy it?
    You can try out DoodleMatic's public app and make 2 games for free to see many of the great features it can offer your students. Have more questions regarding this? Please email
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