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The Daily Doodle-Do- A Look at the Spring Equinox

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Happy Spring!

We are so excited that today is the first day of Spring! The first day of Spring is determined by the Spring or Vernal Equinox! This means that there are equal amounts of day light and darkness.

A closer look

Have you ever looked at a globe and wondered why the earth was on a tilt? Well the globe makers didn't make a mistake, they were actually copying the angle at which the earth really spins around its axis. The theory is that earth may have been knocked into this tilt by a collision from a massive space object billions of years ago! But now we can actually thank that object for creating the seasons! Because of the earth's tilt the equator is not always aligned with the center of the sun, sometimes the equator is higher than the sun's center and sometimes it is lower. This changes the intensity in which the sun's light hits regions of the earth. But twice a year the center or equators of the sun and the earth align. These days are the Spring and Autumnal Equinox. It is call the Equinox because this alignment provides equal hours of sunlight and darkness.

What are your favorite things to do in Spring?

What are your favorite things to do in the spring time? One of our favorite family activities in the spring is to work in our garden. We started by planting some bulbs in our front garden that attract butterflies and hummingbirds!

Create a game about your favorite things to do in Spring!

Materials: You can use the DoodleMatic Kit or:

- white paper

- markers (black, green, blue, red, & purple)

- the DoodleMatic App*

Drawing your Game:

1. Draw the setting in black- this is where the story takes place.

2. Draw your avatar in Green- this is the main character

3. Draw the goals in Blue- what does the character want to get

4. Draw the hazard in red- this is the villain or problem in the way

5. You can also use purple to draw objects to move around your game.

Uploading your Game:

1. In the DoodleMatic App* click create and take a picture of your game. Test your game!

2. You can edit your game by resizing, moving and removing parts of your game.

3. You can enhance your game with power ups! Make objects, rotate, or your bean stalk grow, play and explore!

*NOTE: You can make 2 trial games with the free download- if you want to continue to making games with the app we recommend that you purchase our box kit ($29.99). The DoodleMatic Box kit allows the user to make 1000 games and comes with 2 interactive books that teach game design, helping kids through the creative problem solving process. The app can also be bought as an in-app purchase for $34, but we recommend the books!).

Digital Pen Pals: Being away from their friends can be very difficult for kids. While play dates are not an option, DoodleMatic can be an amazing digital Pen Pal platform. With a parent's help, kids can send playable game links to family and friends outside of their home.

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