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PEGs- Public health Education Games

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

PEGs- Public health Education Games

At DoodleMatic, we embrace the idea of Games for Good. Games can be used as a form of art, expression and positive influence. That's why we are creating a series of games called PEGs. PEG stands for "Public Education Game", these are games that are custom built to educate youth about important topics in today's society. These games are research and fact driven, based on the most current information available.

Our first PEG series focuses on the current global health concern, the Coronavirus

The COVID-19 disease, otherwise known as coronavirus, is brand new and there is still much to learn about it. However, people are working together to try to stop it and protect you. We created a series of games to educate you about the coronavirus using the facts publicly available by trusted sources such as the CDC and WHO. Click the links below to play in your web browser, or join room code M2YHHC3N in the DoodleMatic app.

Game 1: Focus on Facts

- Coronavirus can survive on many materials, including metal, plastic, fabric and glass.

- Some studies show that coronavirus can live up to 9 days on surfaces, however it's not currently known how long it could last according to WHO

Game 2: Ready, Steady, Home

- People around the world are undergoing either voluntary or forced quarantine to limit the spread of the virus.

- The incubation period for coronavirus is believed to be up to 14 days.

- Be prepared for 2 weeks in case of quarantine my stocking long lasting items including but not limited to

rice, oatmeal, pasta, beans, canned meat or fish, frozen vegetables or fruits

- Don't forget food and supplies for your pets too!

- Washing hands is widely considered the best form of defense.

- Use at least 60% alcohol hand sanitizer when hand washing is not an option.

- Have medical supplies and prescriptions ready for up to 30 days.

- Learn more about how get your household ready for coronavirus here:

Game 3: Germ Genius Elementary

- A strong and healthy immune system can help keep you safe from many diseases. Some general recommendations are:

Eat the appropriate portions of healthy fruit and vegetables

Get lots of rest

Wash your hands often

- Use wipes if possible if you must touch community things such as hand rails or doors.

Don't forget to wash your hands if wipes are not available!

- Avoid others that are visibly sick if possible.

- Avoid sharing food or drink with others.

- Learn more about general ways to boost your immune system here:

Game 4: Healthy High

- Germs can exist in many places, some which people may not realize. This includes but is not limited to:

Hand rails, counter tops, knobs and handles, mobile devices, computers and electronics,

sports equipment, bathroom stalls, toilet and sink

- Additionally, be cautions when engaging in activities involving close or direct contact with others, such as:

Kissing, hugging, hand shaking, high fiving, sharing food or drink, sharing makeup and chapstick

- For more information about how Coronavirus spreads, please refer to the CDC notes about transmission

Learn more about what you can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Hand washing appears to be the most recommended action we can take to protect ourselves. Learn more here:

For more general information about coronavirus, we recommend reading the Q&A created by the World Health Organization:

Some information about how the coronavirus spreads, as published by the CDC

To help keep you safe, here is a list of cleaners from the epa that may kill coronavirus:

Here are some tips from the NY Times to help prepare you:

All information presented here is as of March 6, 2020. There is much research being done, please continue to monitor trusted sources such as WHO and the CDC for the latest information. Tink Digital Inc is not a medical institution and has not independently verified any of the claims made. Users are responsible for validating any claims made. Tink Digital Inc games are not designated to serve as a substitute for other sites. Users agree to release Tink Digital Inc and it's employees and agents from, and agrees to be responsible for, any and all costs, damages, and expenses, including attorney's fees, arising from any claims, damages, and liabilities asserted by third parties arising from, related to, or connected with User’s use of data, intellectual property and/or other research results provided in these pages and games by Tink Digital Inc.

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