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DoodleMatic: Get to the Goal with Gravity

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

In DoodleMatic, there are 3 main game types to play and enjoy. You can create a Get to the Goal game, a Super Slingshot game, and a Touch to Win game. In this post we will go in depth on how to create a Get to the Goal game!

A Get to the Goal game can use all five color markers from the DoodleMatic box. Each color creates a specific element in your game. Your GREEN color will be used to create your avatar. Your avatar is your main character, he or she or it is the hero of your game. The Avatar will go on an adventure through your game to collect all of the BLUE goal items You can make as many blue goals as you want! To win the game the avatar must collect every single blue goal you create in your game, but the avatar must do so without coming into contact with a RED! Red is used to create hazards, monsters, enemies, or other elements you want your main character to avoid while collecting their blue goals. While on their adventure, your character may encounter a PURPLE element. Purple elements are physics based, this means that they can be moved around by the character and are affected by gravity. If a purple item is floating in the sky and physics is on, it will fall down. Purple items can be really useful in a Get to the Goal game as they can be used to get over long stretches of red or to help reach higher platforms. Speaking of platforms, the color BLACK is used to create your grounds, walls, platforms, and any other surfaces you want your character to be able to move on or around.

Now that you understand how to use the colors in a Get to the Goal game it's time to try and make your own adventure. What will your GREEN avatar look like? Will it be an animal, a vehicle, a person, or maybe even a monster! Once you have your character, what will it be collecting? Will you have BLUE stars, coins, potions, or other creative things to collect? Do you want or need any PURPLE elements in the game? Purple items are fun to add but not always necessary. What about any hazards or enemies? Will there be any RED bad guys, fire or lava? Red is also not necessary, however by adding in some red elements you can increase the difficulty of your game by giving your avatar something to avoid while collecting its goals. Your games are only limited by your own imaginations. Create worlds, characters, environments and start thinking like a game designer today!

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