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"Games That Boost Brain Power" - The List's review of DoodleMatic

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, many parents are finding themselves juggling -the emotional toll of the news -for some, the loss of loved ones, - home schooling their children, and for many working from home among a myriad of other things.

Without an escape of the continuous demands of work and family needs, parents are relying on increased screen time for a moment of respite. However sceen-time and game time does not need to "rot your brain," With DoodleMatic screen-time becomes creative time that teaches kids design skills and precoding concepts while helping them connect with friends and family through the work their they created!

Watch the List's Review to learn how DoodleMatic can offer you a much needed break while engaging your kids in fun meaningful play while you stay safe at home.

Want your own DoodleMatic starter kit? Learn more: click here. Ready to Purchase? click here.

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