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Daily Doodle-Dos!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Looking for Educational and Creative projects for your kids while schools are closed? Introducing the Daily Doodle-Dos! DoodleMatic's At Home Activity Blog!

Hi everyone! Alysha and Martin here, DoodleMatic's dynamic duo, and these are our amazing kids, Kiera and Gabriella.

We live in Westchester County, NY which is currently a hot spot for the spread of the Coronavirus. Like many other areas in the Nation, and World, our schools had to make the difficult decision to close their doors to 'flatten the curve'. Parents are now trying to figure out how to juggle ongoing commitments and keep their kids engaged, entertained & learning through this challenging time. Whether you are looking for activities to do with your children, or need meaningful activities for independent learning while you working from home, DoodleMatic is here to help.

Starting today, and following everyday, we will be posting a new FREE Daily Doodle-Do Activity.

Each activity will include:

- A video starring Kiera and Gabby,

- A story or physical game designed to get kids thinking, creating and moving.

- Step by step instruction on turning this activity into an incredible DoodleMatic Game.

These activities are designed so that once materials and a safe work area is set up, kids can work independently through the activity with supervision, but minimal help from their parent(s). However when possible we believe parents will also want to join in on the fun!

We also have created a series of PEGs Public Education Games to help educate kids in a non threatening way about the current coronovirus pandemic. We try to keep this page and games up to date, but encourage you to use these games in correlation with the latest updates from the CDC.

We hope you enjoy our first video starting today, Monday March 16th. We look forward to you joining us and wish you and yours health and love. We are all in this together. Stay well.

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