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Have you heard about DoodleMatic?

We hope you check out and love our first product called DoodleMatic.

What is DoodleMatic Mobile Game Maker?

DoodleMatic Mobile Game Maker is an interactive product designed to get children and teens creating and drawing in a meaningful way. The product helps get their creative juices flowing by letting them create their very own, playable, video games.

What is included in a DoodleMatic Game Box?

Inside the box we include 2 educational books designed by educators to teach the basics of game design. The pages include over a hundred playable sample levels and thought provoking questions to get the users creative juices flowing. We also include a third book filled with blank space to use as a sketch book to keep on designing games. There are also instruction cards and a unique QR code which unlocks the full capability of the DoodleMatic game making application. Finally a set of 5 DoodleMatic markers in the 5 design colors are included to make wonderful and creative game designs.

What devices can I use DoodleMatic on?

DoodleMatic is available on Android, IOS phones, tablets and more to come.

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